Hak Kerja

The palm oil industry is one of the most significant employers in Malaysia and Indonesia, where 85% of the worlds palm oil is grown. Past NGO Reports have shown that many of the workers on palm oil plantations have been recruited, often with unethical and misleading practices, from vulnerable populations, such as migrant workers, economic refugees or undocumented peoples who have little or no access to legal or political recourse. A lack of documentation of labour conditions as well as plantations being located far away from larger towns puts workers at further risk of exploitation.

Labour rights are important for workers and should be applied globally as it provides focus at the workplace and decent conditions that workers can live and work in. By taking a rights-based approach to implementing our standards, the RSPO hopes to enable its members and ensure they develop systems that will prevent, detect, resolve and monitor any potential exploitation or abuse of workers, which could impact the workforce.

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