Mitigasi Emisi Gas Rumah Kaca (GRK)

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Climate change becomes one of the most intensely critical issues over the last decade until today. Eventhough greenhouse gases (GHG) occur naturally in the atmosphere, anthropogenic is mainly responsible for increasing the greenhouse gases emission causing global warming/climate change. Actually, these gases play important roles for regulating the temperature of earth and earth atmosphere so that suitable for living things. Carbon dioxide (CO2) occupies more than half (76.7%) of the total GHG emission and energy supply becomes the most contributor of GHG emissions among other sectors. Climate change could lead to many environmental problems i.e., drought, floods, rising sea level, shifting weather pattern, greater variability of rainfall etc. For archipelagic country like Indonesia, the resulting sea level rise would give impact on inundation of coastal areas and increased loss of coastal habitats and ecosystem. The mitigation of GHG emissions is an option to reduce the intensity of global warming. As a part of global community, The government of Indonesia has a commitment to reduce the country’s GHG emissions by 26% with national resources or up to 41% with international support from a business-as-usual baseline by 2020.
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